Meet Our Team

Kevin Kunard, DDS

Dentist and Owner

I was born and raised in Pinedale, and I graduated from Pinedale High School in 1988. My undergraduates were completed at Utah State University and BYU University. I then continued my education at University of Nebraska Medical Center where I received my doctorate (DDS). In 1998, I was fortunate to return home with my wife, who is a registered dental hygienist, to open Pinedale Dental. It has been a great pleasure to grow my life here with my beautiful wife, Kelly, and our three beautiful daughters Tacy, Tatum, and Sara.

Full Biography

Kelly Kunard

Registered Dental Hygienist & Owner

I’m Kelly, wife of Dr. Kunard. I met Kevin while attending Hygiene School in Nebraska. I have been active in the Dental field for 17 years, the past 12 years I have been a Dental Hygienist.

Since becoming a mother of my 3 beautiful daughters Tacy, Tatum, and Sara, I only work one day a week. I enjoy keeping up with hygiene but raising a family is a full time job.

I also have a great love for horses. I have 5 horses which I try to ride on a daily basis and I compete in local barrel racing events throughout the summer which is a great passion of mine.

Pinedale Dental is a very successful practice and I thank our great team for working so hard to make it such a success.

Tayte Racich

Registered Dental Hygienist

I grew up in Pinedale and have worked at Pinedale Dental as a hygienist since 2008. I did an internship at this office and from the beginning I realized this was a great office with a great team providing quality up to date patient care. We continue to keep up with the changes in dental hygiene and educate about the links between oral health and systemic health.

My goal is to make each visit pleasant providing a comfortable and positive experience to promote a healthy smile.

Not only did I grow up in Pinedale, so did my husband and both of our families are still here. We are happy to raise our two kids, Nolan and Ellie here in this great community. We enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation and some of our favorites are camping, fishing, and skiing during the winter.

Come visit me at Pinedale Dental, I would love to build a relationship and help you keep your smile healthy!

Cassy Johnston

Registered Dental Hygienist

I am proud to be a Pinedale Dental team member since 2002. I am a dental hygienist, wife, mother, grandmother, rancher, gardener, and skier. I married a Sublette County native. We raised three children here in the county. I enjoy helping my husband, life partner, with ranching operations. I am proud of his accomplishments in the alpine ski racing world. I enjoy seeing my children grow into responsible adults. My grandchildren bring me immense joy. I have several greenhouses and a large outside garden. I take joy in growing my own food. When it snows, I love love to ski!

I also love my job as a dental hygienist. I want to help you meet your dental goals. I enjoy building relationships with all my patients. I have a gentle touch. I am patient and caring, and well educated in dental health. I look forward to meeting you. You and I together, can keep your smile healthy.

What I love most about Pinedale Dental is Dr. Kunard’s dedication to investing in our team. We are continually learning. I love that our whole team has the tools and knowledge to give you the best dental care.

I work with a fun team! Work is fun when you work with great people. The feeling is contagious to our patients; we are a welcoming place for all our patients. We are dedicated to listening to your needs and giving you the best dental experience.

Alison Petersen

Front Office

I was raised in Pinedale and attended Chadron State College for a few years before moving back to Pinedale. After I moved back, I worked on the ranch with my dad and then started at Pinedale Dental in November 2019. I am so fortunate to be a part of such a hard-working team! I love the way our team works together; everyone constantly works together to improve and to give our patients the best experience that we can. I absolutely love seeing our patients every day, and the connections that I get to make help me find something positive in each day.

My husband, Kyle, and I enjoy spending our time in and around Pinedale, and we take advantage of the proximity to the mountains regularly. I enjoy the freedom to go horn hunting, horseback riding, or helping my dad on the ranch, on any given day. Recently I have started raising chickens, and I very much enjoy my greenhouse in the summers. The small-town atmosphere is something that both Kyle and I appreciate, neither of us would choose to have our jobs or lives anywhere else.

Kelsi DeSchneau

Front Office

Born and raised in Pinedale, I went to college at Kansas State University, spent a short amount of time in Denver, and quickly made my way back home. My main work history is in the veterinary industry as an assistant and office manager, but the chance to work at Pinedale Dental has been a wonderful opportunity. The team, atmosphere, and appreciation for our town makes this office feel like home even after just a short amount of time working here. I feel so lucky to get to be part of such a motivated and caring group of people. I have always said that the people in Pinedale are the best in the world; working with our patients proves that point. I love working in customer service and helping our patients achieve their dental goals.

The goals that I strive to meet each day are to go above and beyond patient expectations and to make every day as easy as possible for the doctor, hygienists, and assistants. My husband and I enjoy everything about the Green River Valley and feel so lucky to be able to make our livings here. We both partake avidly in big game and bird hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and boating, and look forward to spending our lives in the area.

Jody Guthrie

Dental Assistant

Before we moved from Sweetwater County, my husband and I already loved Pinedale. The accessibility to our surrounding areas is what drew us here but moving here opened us up to the wonderful community we have. My husband’s immediate family lives in Pinedale as well – his parents and his brother’s family. When I am not at the office, my family and I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Fishing, hunting hiking, gardening, camping, snowboarding, snowmobiling; as well as instructing pottery, doing all kinds of art, and playing with my dogs.

Working at Pinedale Dental has given me the opportunity to explore my love for the medical field. My patients are one of the best parts of my day, being able to properly educate each person about what their visit is for, while getting to know them and building a friendship with them is incredibly valuable to me.
I chose to work at Pinedale Dental primarily for the phenomenal work environment. The first time I walked through the doors I was greeted by gleeful, genuine people and felt so welcome to be here. I immediately knew this was the place for me. The team I get to spend my days with is top notch! The people I am fortunate enough to work with are for are nothing short of amazing. My team constantly works to aid each other’s success, never have I been a part of a group so focused on everyone achieving their goals. My goal every day is to make it as enjoyable as I can. My long-term goal is to become an RN in the next few years and to continue to stay creative as I teach pottery class after hours.

Hailey Legg

Dental Assistant

I chose to work for Pinedale Dental to expand my knowledge of the field before going to dental hygiene school. Long term, I would love to come back to this office in the future to be a dental hygienist, so being a dental assistant to Dr. Kunard has been a great opportunity! Not only has working here given me hands on experience and training, but it has also proven to me that dental care is the field in which I want to work. Every patient is unique, and as an assistant it is my job to figure out the whats and wheres to ensure the patient has the best experience possible, as well as receives the treatment that they need.

I enjoy working at Pinedale Dental because I enjoy working closely with colleagues who challenge me every day. As a team we are all very easy going, which creates a light-hearted, fun atmosphere most other jobs cannot offer. On top of that, Pinedale is a wonderful town to live in, and my parents live in Daniel. The quaintness of the town and wide-open spaces of the surrounding areas offer growth, healing, and solace to everyone who passes through. When I am not in the office or pursuing my goal of becoming a hygienist, I enjoy running, hiking, fishing, and cultivating my small greenhouse, from which I sell my plants at the farmer’s market.