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I have been to quite a few different dentists in several states, but never to one where the whole entire staff was so friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and such perfectionist in their work. I felt completely comfortable. All my questions and concerns were patiently answered in a way I could understand. My hygienists Cassy was gentle and I left feeling wonderful instead of with the typical sore, bloody mouth. When the dentist came in he was he able to address issues with my teeth I have had my whole life that no other dentist was willing fix, and for the first time I didn't feel like I was being told to have work done just for the benefit of his wallet. Plus they were able to work with my difficult, short notice schedule so I was able to get in without waiting months for an appointment. Overall I was thrilled with my experience at Pinedale Dental and will never use a different facility again.

- Anonymous

I absolutely loved everything about the office. I was greeted with a smile, enjoyed how they all got along well together and laughed amongst themselves. I also want Dr.Josh to know that I thank him very much for seeing me and taking care of my situation all on the same visit. I look forward to many more visits just like that one!!!! Thanks Again Shelley

- Shelly David

As has always been the case, everything happened on time. Once in the chair, a new practice was detailed for me consisting of 5 new things that would be done BEFORE the cleaning began. All were related to my general and overall health. Now what dental practice does THAT? Impressive. I was asked by my hygenist all pertinent questions relating to my dental health and introduced to some new treatments for teeth sensitivy. Some medicatons I'm on cause dryness of the mouth - I walked out the door with solution in hand. And what I enjoyed most was the chat I had with my dentist prior to his examination. He sat next to and facing me (not behind my head where I couldn't see him!!!) and had a conversation with me that made me feel like I'd known him all my life. Personal attention - unheard of this day in age. Have you ever noticed just how much this practice stays on top of the dental technology available and how competent the staff is with its use??? Take a look around you next time you're there. Bottom line - this practice has set the standard for professionalism and quality care while still maintaining that home town feel.

- Anonymous

My personal experience with Pinedale Dental is one of complete satisfaction. For a small town dentist I am impressed with their state of the art dental equipment, procedures, and highly qualified staff, as compared to major metropolitan areas. They ensure that the patient is accommodated in every way to make the experience less stressful and seamless. 

- Gene Ninnie

This was one of the best experiences I have had at the dentist. I had 2 crowns, they were made right there no waiting for one to be made and come back! Thanks to Dr Josh and Haley for making me feel comfortable.  Great job!

- Susan Orcutt

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with everyone in your office and I sincerely appreciate the investment not only in quality people and service, but also in the equipment you purchase! Everything you provide is the best and much better than anyone should expect from a small town dentist! My hat is off to you Sir!

- Elmer Eaker

Wow, your wisdom and professionalism in dental care. Hard to find words that describe your dental facility. Finally got a diagnosis and relief from a long term dental problem. Thank You

- Hank Ruland

Had broken tooth and got an appointment for the day I called. Taken right in and tooth was fixed and out in 30 minutes. Looks good as new!  Thanks Dr. Kunard 

- Bob Hanson

If a kid can laugh through their dental appointment, you know you have a great dentist and staff!! You guys have helped my daughter overcome any fear she used to have!

- Megan Boulter

We've used Pinedale Dental for 13 years but have now moved out of the area.  It's been our pleasure to use Kevin and Kelly Kunard and their staff as our family dental care providers and are truly appreciative of their professionalism and care of our family.  Also, thanks to Cassie, Kelly, Bernie, Tayte and the rest of the staff we've had the pleasure of meeting over the years.  I would highly recommend Pinedale Dental to anyone in the area. 

- Craig Ritschel

Everyone is so friendly. Care was excellent.

- Donna Campbell

I was in, and out, so quickly. Kevin and his staff are always so prompt, friendly and courteous! They make me feel comfortable when I have to go to the dentist.

- Kathy Flanders

Excellent with my 3 year old!! She loved it!

- Kamri Brisko

Pinedale Dental ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Doc Josh and his assistants did a great job and had me in and out very quickly and conveniently. Thank You!!!!!!!

- David Smith

My experience at Pinedale Dental was, once again, fantastic! The staff is wonderful, caring, knowledgeable and experienced!

- Wynne Normand

By far the best dentist I have been to! They are all so friendly and I love their hygienist Tayte Racich.

- Tiffany Thomas

Excellent service and care as usual. Very professional and thorough.

- Hank Williams

Got me in when I cracked a tooth so I could make it through until next week. Always friendly service and pain free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Craig Sheppard

Outstanding service. Outstanding work. Caring and considerate with real thoughtfulness for the patient.

- Anonymous

As always my visit with Pinedale Dental was easy and pain free. Very friendly and competent staff. Kevin is a top notch dentist and complete in his care of my dental health. THANKS

- Jeanie Sackrider

I have had some very bad experiences with dentists and Dr Francis and Dr Kunard are by far the greatest.  I will go back no matter what.

- Rilygh Murphy

Thank you for making what seemed to be a stressful situation into something we all could deal with. My husband came this visit to get to familiar with your office and was impressed.  Thank you for treating my daughter so kindly!

- Chelsea Wright

Pinedale Dental had great staff.  Very caring and attentive. Thank you for taking the time to make me feel comfortable Tayte. I would highly recommend this dental office.

- Angela Cutter

As always a pleasant experience.  Staff are professional and friendly.  Highly recommend this dental office.

- Karen Fernsten

Wow, I am impressed.  These folks take care of you and keep you informed of all your options.  One of the most pain free dentist appointments I have ever had.  I am going to continue using Pinedale Dental.

- Glen Whicker

Dr Kunard and his staff are fantastic! They made the experience for my son Ocean (4 yrs old) at the dentist a positive and fun experience! Brilliant!!

- Ocean Botur

Appointments are right on time.  Staff is always friendly, professional and welcoming. Friendly, Knowledgeable, Efficient!

- Monica Hollibaugh

A painless filling replacement!! And made it back to work on time :-)

- Jacque Strike

Pinedale Dental is always a great experience.  They are very professional and do great work.

- Ray Pape

Tayte was thorough and gentle.  Dr Kunard was fast and friendly!

- Julie Konicek

Wonderful experience! Dr Kunard really knows how to work with kids.

- Clause Family

Excellent service--no waiting.  Friendly, informative staff.  I feel lucky to have found such a good office!

- Jennifer Lamborn

As always the dentists and their technicians were so great to my child!! One of our main reasons for staying with this dentist.

- Anonymous

Very thorough evaluation and everything explained very clearly. Time was taken to instruct as well as answer any questions I may have. Both Dr. Kunard & Martha were great! 

- Becky Goetsch

As always, Tayte does a fabulous job. She is gentle, communicates well, answers questions thoroughly. I appreciate having consistent dental care from a provider I trust. I got to meet the new doctor, he's just as fun and nice as Kevin! Great pick for the office! I look forward to working with him in the future when he starts doing alignments! Yay!

- Kris Bacheller

Staff cares about your wellbeing and Dr Kunard spends as much time as you need with you answering questions

- Anonymous

Unbelievably good experience! No pain, very courteous and professional service. I would definitely recommend them. My new crown is great.

- Lee Straley

I HAD A GREAT EXPERIENCE AND ALL STAFF WAS NICE AND LISTENED TO ME. Dr. Josh was able to help me decide what course we would follow. It was great also to find out that people I knew in G. R. were relatives I knew very well. He and his assistant were GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel you will see me as a permanent patient, however, I pray my teeth will be nice to me and not get sick for a long time.

- Margaret Noble

Every visit to Pinedale Dental is always great!  The staff is very friendly and ensures that the needs of each and every customer are met!!

- Kathy Raper

The staff you have is very friendly and professional.  We would recommend your office to anyone.  Thank you so much for your kind words and help when we needed it the most.

- Allen Nelson

I just had my annual exam and enjoyed it from start to finish. Those sassy women at the front desk are always fun to see, Cassy made my teeth sparkle and Dr. Kunard was his charming self.

- Jacque Strike

Love the staff.  Love the dentists.  Great atmosphere. Just a great experience all around. Can't complain when you’re treated right.  Not to mention the cost of the procedures are where it should be

- Rochelle Whiterock

These folks did a great job getting me in and my teeth fixed up while I was on a very tight schedule.  The staff is very friendly and couteous, they're awesome!

- Anonymous

Great - pain free as usual.  My tooth that was aching when I chewed is now pain free again.  You guys are great!

- Craig Sheppard

The hygienist was very professional and nice.  Dr Josh did my checkup and he was also very nice and helpful.  I'm very happy with my experiences at Pinedale Dental so far.  

- Cynde

Awesome! Best cleaning I've ever recieved.  Super nice people!

- Melissa Anderson

I am one of those people who are terrified of dentists.  I am happy to say Dr Kunard and his staff are extremely careful and thoughtful.  I had to have a tooth drilled on and there was NO pain what so ever.  Thank you! Everyone at the clinic are polite and professional.  I would highly recommend Pinedale Dental!!

- Allene

Pinedale Dental has always treated our family with the greatest care and respect.

- Dave & Patty R

Had a couple deep cavities but it was handled professionally and pain free during procedure and after shots wore off.  Good dental office.

- Tom Lesar

Excellent, so professional and personable atmosphere, from the reception through the cleaning process.  I appreciate knowing what is happening.  I like the direct adn straight forwardness of what needs to be done to be on track with my dental care.

- Terrie Springman

Cassie is great...professional and friendly. So is Kevin.  Many thanks...see you next month

- Gina Feltner

We lived in Pinedale for 10 years. In that time, we became acquainted with Dr. Kevin Kunard, who is the *only* dentist with whom my husband has ever been comfortable. Kevin is excellent also with children. Straightforward, no nonsense, never has he tried to "upsell" product or services. He is gentle and knowledgeable. We are so glad to be back in the area so we can benefit from his services once again!

- Diane Heeney

Staff was very friendly and professional.  Technician had good suggestions about improving my oral health.

- Michael Pompy

Gotta say... this is the best dental office I've been to for a while. No other place compares. The staff is absolutely wonderful and they were able to get my cleaning and dental work done in one shot. No other appointments needed. Dentists were abosolutely knowledgeable and knew how to take care of their patients well. Definately a place to go to and have your teeth look their best.

- Anonymous

Great job, very thorough!  Amazing work again! By far the best dental office we have ever been to.  Thanks again, everyone!

- Jennifer White

I've been a patient at Pinedale Dental for 6 years now - there's 2 primary reasons I don't go anywhere else: the Doctors and Hygenists pay close attention to the pain factor AND this office never runs late - if your scheduled for 3:00, you will be seen at 3:00. Now tell me, how many Doctor's offices have you been to where that's the case? And, oh yeah, the work is top notch.  From the moment you walk in your door, your office feels professional and you are always greeted by someone who is in a good mood. It just puts you as ease. Your staff is phenomenal! And I love the fact that you are keeping up with and using the new technologies that are available in your profession. I take great comfort in knowing that in this remote area of our Country there are Dental Professionals as up to snuff as those in NYC!

- Michelle Robles

Prompt service, excellent patient care, will use again!  Thank you!

- Kassi Arthur

I came with my three year old daughter, the dental hygienist was very pleasant and friendly.  She built great rapport with my little one, who let her do the cleaning as well.  There is nothing to complain about. We are very happy to be patients here and I will take my little one to my next appointment as well.  Everything was excellent.  Keep up the good work.  Love the "happy visit" program for little ones.

- Eva Egbert

Very friendly team!! Awesome dental work! Awesome place and very professional!

- Josh Whicker

Really as far as a dental office goes, because who really likes goint to the dentist :)  Dr. Kunard and his team are top notch nice people. I love that Dr Kunard has preventitive plans and wants to help instead of trying to get you back for more work that  you really don't need.

- Anonymous

Appointment went very well.  Everyone is nice and courteous.  Treat you like family more then a patient.

- Angela Stevens

Everyone at Pinedale Dental is awesome.  Thank you for being so caring and friendly!!

- Bev Wright

All I can say is, WOW.  Everyone in your office was amazing.  Very professional in their work and also made me feel so comfortable.  I look forward in going back!!

- Linda Anderson

I called to see if I could get in quickly, and they squeezed me in as soon as I got there - as always! This was my first visit with Dr Francis, and he was GREAT! Definitely a good addition to the office - great bedside manner, helpful, and friendly.  Thanks once again for providing a comfortable atmosphere for an experience that many people don’t look forward to!

- Amanda Templar

My experience at Pinedale Dental is an EXCELLENT rating.  Dr Kunard was very attentive in attending to my painful tooth, by expediting with Dr Val Bingham within two days.  Very professional, with expertise. The experience was without pain.  From them moment I was at the reception desk to treatment then leaving, the staff was friendly and accommodating.  

- Terrie Springman

The staff at Pinedale Dental ensure you leave with a smile on you teeth!

- Dave Racich

Thank you for your excellent work on my teeth.  They are feeling much better.  I am also extremely pleased with the adjustments you made to my night guard.  It is distinctly more comfortable to wear.  My jaw and teeth are not sore and misaligned when I wake up.  Thank you for taking the time to assist me. 

- Michelle Lowham

As always, friendly, helpful support staff, prompt and excellent care from the dentist.

- Coralee Peterson

Another fantastic visit with great service from people that know what they are doing and care about the people they serve.

- Vern Mcadams

Tayte did an outstanding job.  I was very impressed with her gentle manner, her efficiency and outstanding work ethic.  She was totally focused on what she was doing, explained what was going on when I asked questions, and was very professional in her approach.  I had an excellent experience with her and thought she was wonderful!!  I think this practice is outstanding.  It is a nice feeling to walk in the door, be greeted with a friendly smile, and know that you are under outstanding care.  It is also nice to call when I have a problem and have whoever is on the phone be kind and anxious to help.  We are lucky to have such a good clinic in Sublette County! Thank you for all that you have done for me.

- Mary Anne Almquist

Y'all did a great job of making my extra gum tissue removal procedure easy and painless!!!

- Jennifer Holmes

I've had a molar that has bothered me for several years but nothing on xray or examination indicated problems. Dr listened to my concerns. Decided to replace a filling that was initially done by another DR. Replacement took less than 1 hr. After 6 years of pain while eating- I am now pain free. I should also mention that Dr was successful in numbing me before procedure, with minimal discomfort .

- Kristi Hibbert

My first visit to Pinedale Dental - My teeth are cleaner then they have been in many cleanings!  Thank you!

- Liz Holtgreve

We really enjoyed this dentist, everyone there was so patient and caring, the doctor himself was very respectful to his patients and family, always explained what he was going to do before he did it and always went over options and gave plenty of good advice.  If you ever are in the Pinedale WY area and need a dentist, go here!!! They are the Best!!

- Robert Davis

The best around! No pain, and the bill was less then expected so no pain in the wallet.  The best staff around. Thank you very much.

- Dan Mcclure

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. The hygienist was very pleasant and careful.

- Michael Pompy

1st appt for teeth cleaning went very well. Made me feel comfortable. The office was prepared with my previous dental records from another state. They did a good job picking up on my dental care where I left off.  Think I found a long time dental provider!

- Tom Lesar

I don't like going to the dentist, but I love doing the thing I hate the most with people this wonderful! Gentle, thorough care, kind and thoughtful providers.  Thanks Tayte! You have a very gentle touch! I appreciate it!

- Kris Bacheller

WOW!  Even though I get extremely nervous they took the time and effort to let me know all the options and how they could help me with my dental care and costs! Thank you so much for your concern about my anxiety and fears!

- Ida Ercanbrack

As always, my experience with Tayte, Dr. Kunard and the entire staff was excellent. Keep up the great work! Thank you for always providing excellent, friendly and professional service. 

- Bev Wright

I haven't had dental insurance in over 8 years and therefore have not been to the dentist until the other day I went to Pinedale Dental. I was SOOO nervous and insecure that they would treat me like I didn't take care of myself. But they were nothing but warm and welcoming, and to my surprise I actually left with receieving compliements on my teeth! From the girls at the front desk, my hygenist to the dentist himself EVERYONE was extremely HELPFUL and kind. I did not feel out of place and doctor offices I always feel out of place. 

- Kristen Fisher

Great pain free experience as usual. 

- Craig Sheppard

Great Visit.  Your office is very professional, friendly and my cleaning was great.  Thank you!!

- Maria Wise

First I noticed how inviting the Dental office was, which is nice because going to the dentist is not always under the best circumstances. The Dental assistant Melissa (I believe is her name), was sweet and very nice. She made me feel more comfortable. And last but not least the dentist. I felt like a patient not another person, he made me feel better about getting my teeth fixed. Overall experience was excellent and I recommend everyone to go here :) 

- Falon Gray

It was an unbelievable experience! My first visit was like being with a friend I hadn't visited in awhile. The second visit was where all patients are nervous and expecting the worse, but the surprise was on me! No pain! Two fillings, and an extraction, and with my past experiences with dentists I was expecting the worse! But not here! Thank you for making my nightmares of having my teeth worked on become a pleasant thought knowing that I can actually have dental work done now and not want to scream and run!! I am a long ways from home and I would be more than happy to drive those miles just to return to your office to have my future dental work done:) Thank you again, all of you... 

- Kelly Oden

Everytime I go to Pinedale Dental, everyone is very professional and caring! Thanks for all you guys do! 

- Jessica Whinnery

I was very impressed with the staff of Pinedale Dental. It was my first appt & it was one of the best dental experiences I've ever had. I appreciated the professional knowledge of the staff & the tools they used to help me. Thanks!! Your pricing was reasonable also. Thanks again for a great appointment! 

- Liz Holtgreve

I appreciate the fact that I was able to obtain an appointment so quickly, especially since I was coping with a tooth that was hurting me. I had wonderful care and appreciate the advice that Dr Kunard gave me. Thank you so much! 

- Mary Anne Almquist

I have enjoyed each visit. I especially like the staff because they are always so friendly and professional. Dr Kunard and staff always take special care with my sensitive teeth issues - which I appreciate more than they will ever know. I literally hate having dental work done because of this one issue and the only reason I keep coming back is because they always make it a point to be extra careful and gentle. They take the time to address each concern I have and to offer suggestions. I have recommended this dental office many times and will continue to do that! Thanks for everything! 

- Cyd Jaskolski

Pinedale Dental provides top notch service and care for Sublette County! Always very satisfied with the professional experience at Pinedale Dental!

- Zack Heydt

It was great!  1000% betther than "the old days".  Overall your office is wonderful!!

- Ladonna Mcloughlin

Good service, hospitable staff, newest in dentistry equimpent.  Not bad for a town of 2,200!

- Michael Harker

You did more than your best for me!

- Maryann Steele

I love how they all know your name and greet you with a smile.  It there's ever a problem, they work hard to fix that problem very quickley! They are very thorough & I enjoy seeing my dentist more!  I couldn't ask for more! I'm very impressed with my smile! They did an amazing job! Thanks to all of you for making my experience as painless as possible!

- Anonymous

Very professional & friendly service.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  Great facility, great staff, great service!  Kudos to all!!

- Carla Sullivan

Friendly, Very nice, everyone looks out for our best interests.  We are treated like royalty!! Everytime!

- Laura Hendricks

I have always been afraid of needles and therefore afraid of dentists.  You all made me feel very comfortable and it was a very good experience.  I thank you all very much and look forward to completing my dental work. Dr. Kunard is very kind, funny and makes you feel much at ease. I think I have lost my fear of dentists!

- Kathy Stam

Hi Dr. Kunard, My name is Kristan Young and I’m Ann McBee’s daughter. I wanted to reach out to you to say a BIG thank you!!! What you did for my mom is sooo much more than a beautiful smile, it gave her a REASON to smile! Since you’ve taken her on this journey with her teeth, she smiles all the time! I felt like you should know that your beautiful work runs much deeper than just making smiles prettier, it made life a little brighter. Kudos to you for amazing work!
God Bless you-
Kristan Young

- Kristan Young

Cassie was highly professional, well spoken, and pleasant. Bernie was a pleasure to work with. Kevin was professional, efficient, and informative. All in all, a positive experience.

- Joan Dean

We came in with an emergency, and you took the time to look at Dana carefully to make sure there wasn’t serious injury there. She was already upset, but you’re attitude and great people skills settled her down and kept her from getting even more concerned. Thank you so much for your awesome attention that we received. You guys rock!

- Emily Wilson

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